Monday, December 20, 2010

Jace 18 months

Jace turned 18 months on Dec. 10.
Weight:22 lbs. 15.8 oz.
Height/Length: 32"

In size 3 or 4 diapers. Mostly in 18 month clothes, but can still wear some 12 month clothes as well.

I about danced a jig and sang the hallelujah chorus when I saw his weight come up on the scale. I am so excited to see it going up again. Between ear tubes being placed and the addition of supplements, he has gained almost 2 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Thank you, Lord for answered prayers. He literally jumped up on the growth chart. So thankful. The pediatrician said there is no longer need for concern.

His language and speech have also improved since having the tubes placed. Right after he got the tubes placed he just jabbered and jabbered. I guess he sounded different to himself. He has gone from maybe 5 words consistantly to over 20 words in the last 3 weeks. He still will not say Barrett. If you ask him to, he points at Barrett. You tell him "No. Say Barrett." Then he just shakes his head no and smiles.

He remains very busy and very independent. Entertains himself well. Very pleasant demeanor. Happy boy; though we are entering a stubborn/tantrum stage. He knows his yes and his no and he means it!

He loves to play with balls, cars, trucks, trains and anything that is Barrett's. Enjoys reading now and pretends to read by himself. Fascinated by dogs and animals. Enjoys putting on shoes that are too big and walking around in them. He loves the outdoors and in unphased by the cold.

He has 11 teeth. He has become more picky in his food choices. His favorites right now are yogurt, applesauce, fruit (especially blueberries and strawberries), cereal, sweet potatoes, okra, "finch fies", pizza, sausage, sweets, and anything mexican.

He just started sleeping with a pillow this month and has become attached to a blanket in the last 2 weeks. Only uses his paci to sleep and when in new situations or not feeling well. Dreading taking it away :(

So thankful for his life. Enjoying watching him develop each day and grow into the person God has created him to be.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sitting in Santa's Lap

the official picture

Love this!

The boys got reindeer ears from Santa.
Barrett wanted to be Rudolph.
Here he is with his "nose so bright."
Grandaddy had no idea he was related to such royalty!

Thanksgiving 2010

So much to be thankful for!
The festivities:

Barrett (in his cape--he and Jace wore these the majority of the weekend at Ghee and Grandaddy's) and Grandaddy making an Easy Bake Turkey Day Cake

The finished product and of course we HAD to sing:

"Happy Turkey Day to you"

A duet

The happiest Thanksgiving!
My happy baby returned!

Jace had tubes placed in his ears the day before Thanksgiving after a resistant ear infection.

We went through 4 antibiotics without success.

He was running constant fever and wouldn't eat.

One sick buddy.

Thank you, Dr. Elledge for stepping in and helping get my sweet baby Jace healthy again.

Words cannot express my gratitude.

Heath and Yeh-Yeh with Grandmother who graciously prepares our delicious
Thanksgiving feast each year

the family in attendance:
Adam, Grandmother, Aunt Sharon, cousin Matthew, Uncle Dave, Uncle Phillip, Heath, Yeh-Yeh, Haley, and cousin Amanda...

...Ghee, Jace, Barrett, and Grandaddy (taking pictures)

Barrett and Amanda

Great Aunt Sharon and baby Jace
playing with the walnuts

Mommy a Barrett playing in the leaves

Reading with Ghee
after the bonfire where they roasted "smarshmellows."
We celebrated with Nana, Pop, Uncle Josh, Aunt Lindsey, Griffin, Uncle Chris, Kirsten, and Lucas too, but I forgot my camera :(
A great holiday weekend!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Almost Forgot...Gentry's Farm (Oct. 9, 2010)

We went to TN for Adam's 10yr high school reunion the weekend of Oct. 8-10. We enjoyed the festivities related to the reunion and had a little time left to visit and partake in other activities too. Last year we went to Gentry's Farm in Franklin, TN and we had such a good time that we decided to go again this year. Ghee and Grandaddy came with us! Afterwards, we went to Grandmother's for a visit. Here are some pictures...

Jace sweeps the cabin as Barrett prepares the meal.

Ghee buys some produce from Barrett's store.

This was in the activity barn. The boys played in a human spider web, built Lincoln logs, played "I spy", and learned how to weave among other things.

Bean bag toss.

After this, we went on a hayride around the farm.

The boys enjoyed seeing all the cows best. Jace said "ooo" (Moo) for much of the ride.

Barrett going through the hay maze.

Playing with the grain was easily the favorite again this year.

Barrett and the billy goat sizing each other up.

The pumpkins! We later made Jack-o-lanterns :)

At Grandmother's.

Grandmother shares some of her wisdom with Barrett

while they pick peppers and okra.

Barrett and Jace get a ride in the cart.


They also enjoyed helping Grandaddy clean up the walnuts and throw them in the bucket.

We had a great weekend! It was the perfect kick-off to fall.

Trick or Treat! Halloween 2010

Barrett had 3 occasions to dress up for this year and he dressed up differently for each.

1st occasion: 3K Halloween parade, concert, and party.
(No masks allowed. This ruled out his original costume.
We added a few accessories to some pirate PJ's and, Voila!, one party-ready pirate.)

2nd Occasion: a friend's Halloween-themed birthday party.
He dressed as a clown in Adam's childhood costume.

3rd Occasion: Halloween.
At last, Spiderman!
Here he is shooting his web.
He really thought he was Spiderman and wanted to be addressed as such.
"I'm not Barrett. I'm Spiderman. "
On the way to the trunk or treat, he had his mask off and said,
"Hey, Mom. I've got my Peter {read:Peter Parker} mask on right now."
We went to the Fall Festival at First Methodist where Barrett attends 3K
and then to Light the Night at our church. They played games, trunk or treated, heard the Gospel presented at story time, went on a hayride, and ate hotdogs, popcorn, and cotton candy.

Jace: my little sock monkey!

Happy Boy

"My! What big muscles you have, Spiderman!"

Spidey and Monkey after all the festivities.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sam Turner--Request for Prayer

It has been a while since I updated on Sam's illness. He was doing well, finished up all of his chemo and laser treatment and the tumors had scarred over (gone)--several eye exams completed with good reports. Monday, he went for another eye exam and the tumors have begun growing back in one eye--3 tumors, about the same size as when they started. He had to begin chemo again today. Please, please keep sweet Sam and family (mother Beth, father Brandon, and big brother Brooks) in your prayers. I simply can't imagine what they must be going through at this point. They have always been such an inspiration to me of strength and faith during trial. Pray that the Lord's hand would continue to uphold them and that the Lord would heal this sweet child without complications and with the least amount of pain possible. We know He is able! When we gather in His name, He is there. Let us gather mightily!

Too much time has passed

So...I have been terrible about blogging. I will attempt to catch up. Warning, this will probably be a long ramble.

It seems as if I would have more time since Barrett started 3-K and is gone for 3 hours each day in the week and Jace is at MDO 2 days a week, but somehow I seem to get less done. On the days they are both gone the times vary and I feel like I spend much of the day in the car.

Barrett continues to love 3-K, except for the days he stays all day. That has been a rough adjustment for him. I have had the privilege of adding a new title to my resume. I was asked to be a clinical instructor for Auburn University at our hospital. I am doing that 2 days a week and the boys both stay all day at their "school" those days. Jace has adjusted just fine. Barrett not so much. Yesterday I picked him up and his face was all red and swollen, big alligator tears streaming down his face. His teacher said he spent much of the day in her lap and after trying all the gentle approaches, she said, "Barrett all that crying is starting to hurt my ears. If you don't stop crying, you are going to have to go sit somewhere else." She said he just looked at her, took a deep breath, paused, got down, and went and cried somewhere else. Said it just broke her heart. I can so see it though.

It has been so interesting to see the differences in the boys personalities. Barrett will let you baby him to the end. Very cautious about trying new things. Feels safe as long as you are in sight. Very much a mamma's boy. My snuggle buddy. Jace is Mr. Independent. No qualms about entertaining himself. Ever the adventurer. If he can't reach something, he will go get the stool out of the bathroom so he can. Too busy to snuggle much, so I CHERISH each one. Very much a roll with the punches and if life throws you lemons, make lemonade kinda guy. Except when he is sick or teething--then a bit of a drama queen. Barrett on the other hand is quite the stoic with pain or sickness unless it is imagined or made up and then it is dramatic. Barrett has an enormous imagination. Lately that imagination has morphed into manipulation/lying at times. Trying to teach him against that and in the best way possible. Any advice from mothers who have dealt with this before is welcome.

About my new title of clinical instructor. I just started not long ago and it has been a learning experience. For one, I am doing clinicals on a med-surge floor. I have never worked med-surge except to orient for these clinicals. And two, I have never taught before. I feel a bit out of my element. I feel like I am on a wobbly pair of training wheels and need to gain a bit more confidence. I am such a perfectionist. I just hope that I put my students in good-stead for their future in school and once they get out. I am very much enjoying it though. Will be thankful when I feel comfortable taking off the training wheels and riding solo.

Other career news...I have begun the application process for graduate school. I have decided to go back and get my masters in nursing. Hoping to start next fall in the nurse practitioner program at UAB. Excited and nervous about it. Haven't done the school thing in quite some time and never with having to balance life as a wife, mother, and employee as well as a student. A bit daunting to think about, but I know I can do it. Just hope to do all of the above well. I have always performed well under pressure!

For all the time that has elapsed since my last post, I feel like there is a lack of exciting news to share. Sorry. May think of more later. If I do, I will share.

Barrett has his Halloween part at school tomorrow and then there are Fall Festivals this weekend. Excited about the boys dressing up! I'll post some pics Sunday evening.